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There's guilty pleasure in consuming things we know aren't good for us. In pop culture, we've lately devoured anything Charlie Sheen. Thankfully, residents are equally apt to talk about their favorite burger or sandwich, rather than just a star who — HDNet cooking show rumors aside — seems to be flambé-ing out.


Grace Champe from Old Colorado City is a restaurant cook

Do you have a comfort food? I would definitely consider, like, mashed potatoes, meatballs, gravy, [or] just a big pot of green chili.

Did you give up any food for Lent? Not for Lent; I'm not religious. But I mean, personally I think it's important for people to make sacrifices. [It's] just part of the learning and growing process, and giving up what you find comfortable, no matter what that is. Help yourself become the best you can be, or just any type of thing you overindulge in.

Would you watch a Charlie Sheen cooking show? I'd see a few episodes to make fun of him. But I would not take it seriously, no.

What should be the title of his show? I'm not sure — Hell's Kitchen is taken.


Matt Stevens from the west side is a movie theater manager

What's your favorite burger/sandwich? You know, last night I just had the Po' Boy Shrimp over at Springs Orleans, and I'm probably going to go back and have another one tonight.

Would you watch a Charlie Sheen cooking show? What is he cooking, meth?

What would you call the show? Two and a Half Brain Cells.


Will Crow from the east side is a former newspaper editor

Any comfort foods? Mother's baked macaroni and cheese; my wife's vegetable soup; Breyers vanilla ice cream.

When do you crave comfy food? If I'm feeling depressed; if I'm feeling down, I could decimate a half-gallon of Breyers with ease.

What's the best burger or sandwich in town? We don't eat out too much. When we go for a sandwich it's mostly a vegetarian option. Those all tend to be, eh, kind of middle-of-the-road.


Alex Blackwell from Briargate is an international civilian contractor

When do you like eating comfort food? The afternoons, when I'm lounging around on the couch watching a movie or something.

Who's got the best burger/sandwich? Panera Bread — they're pretty good. Think it's the smoked turkey sandwich.

What should Charlie Sheen's cooking show be called? Knowing Charlie Sheen, he'll have some bizarre name, not just called the Charlie Sheen Cooking Show, or whatever. The Winning Cooking Show, 'cause he always feels like he's winning.

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