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Sixty Seconds with Taylor Hawkins



Indy: Your band's 2005 CD, In Your Honor, offered a stylistic twist with an acoustic disc, and then you guys also did an acoustic tour. Did those projects have an impact on Dave Grohl as the group's songwriter?

TH: I think that really made Dave feel like it will be interesting and fun [to diversify the sound]. We don't have to do any one thing. We can spread out. We can do whatever we want ... I don't think he was still in the mind-set that we had to stick to a four-piece rock format.

Indy: The Foo Fighters had quite a few lineup changes early on, but since 1999, it's been stable, with you and Dave joined by guitarist Chris Shiflett and bassist Nate Mendel. Why has this lineup lasted?

TH: It really comes down to the personalities, it really does. It comes down to that more than it does to the actual musicianship or the players or whatever. It comes down to just being able to get along in a social environment and a work environment as well.

Indy: You guys have said you don't consider yourselves to be perfectly polished live. How do you describe the Foo Fighters as a live band?

TH: We're loose live. It's not like we're bad live. I think we're really great live, especially when we're well-oiled. But we're more along the lines of a [band like the] Who, I'd say. We don't play everything album-tempo. I speed everything up, as I tend to. We move and we don't play to any sort of click-track or backing tracks or anything like that. So what you see and what you get is really, in this day and age, an old-fashioned rock 'n roll show.

At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, July 14 and 15.

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