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Focus: "24 Hours at Balanced Rock"


"24 Hours at Balanced Rock"

by Steve Dass

"I took the photo with a pinhole camera, and the exposure is 24 hours long. I put the camera in the back of a VW bus -- so no one could mess with the camera -- and parked it at Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods.

"I've had an interest with pinhole cameras, so when I heard about 24 hours in the Pikes Peak region, I got the idea, 'Why not make a picture that's an exposure of the whole time period?' (A pinhole camera is basically a box with a tiny hole on one side, and because the light comes in through such a small opening, it focuses without a lens.)

"I was interested in seeing what would happen during a Saturday and Sunday in July, because well over 1,000 people visit Garden of the Gods. When I went by during the day, people were crawling around on the rock like ants. Cars were going by constantly, but over 24 hours, if someone stops for even an hour, it's not long enough to even register on film."

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