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Flying rainbows at PrideFest

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PrideFest this year moves to a new venue, America the Beautiful Park. The weekend festivities include a Big Gay 5K run and the annual parade.


Maryann Ketchell of the west side is retired

Do you have an opinion on PrideFest? I like it. I always go. They have some big talent there.

Are you going this year? Yes. I'm looking forward to my uncle being in town, and going with him. He's 73 and gay, and my daughter always goes, too.

Do you think gay pride events help or hurt the movement? I think it helps, and the bigger the better. They used to have symbolic weddings every year, and I really enjoyed that; it was very moving. Some of the couples have been together for so long, and still can't get legally married.

What does pride mean to you? Love, acceptance, appreciation, and giving your full support.


Anna Mitchell of the east side is a customer service supervisor

The annual PrideFest celebration is coming up this weekend; do you have an opinion on that? I think it's OK to celebrate diversity, and they're very colorful people.

Do you plan on attending? I would if I didn't already have other plans.

Do you think gay pride events have helped or hurt the gay rights movement? I think it's helped. It's opened the door, and more companies appreciate differences now. But just like most things, sometimes the extremists can ruin it for everyone.

What do you take pride in? I take pride in my job; I've been there 16 years. I take pride in my marriage, too.


Brad Lewis of the west side is a law student

What's your opinion of PrideFest? I'm in support of it. Promoting community awareness and understanding has to start somewhere. Festivals support a number of things.

Do you plan on attending this year? Probably not, because I'm busy with other stuff.

Do you think gay pride events help or hurt the gay rights movements? I want to say it's helped. Gays come from all walks of life, and events like this help dispel preconceived ideas people might have. And it helps foster support by making the gay community feel welcome.

What does pride mean to you? Taking ownership in whoever you are and whatever you believe in, regardless of others people's opinions.

What do you take pride in? Service, my children, and I take pride in supporting my friends and family who are part of the LGBT community, even though I'm not.

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