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Flobots provide a hopeful voice in troubled times


Flobots, Noenemies
  • Flobots, Noenemies
It’s been 10 years since “Handlebars” from Flobots’ political hip-hop album Fight With Tools became a global hit. The Denver band has since involved itself with nonprofits ranging from youth training to radical ballets. Two subsequent studio albums failed to attract much attention, however, and one can only hope the Kickstarter-funded Noenemies will fare better. Flobots speak clearly and with authority to the Trump era, while providing messages of personal hope to those suffering with grief or thoughts of suicide. The music veers further from hip-hop than before, exploring rock and acoustic tributaries. Stephen “Brer Rabbit” Brackett sermonizes in “Failure Games,” while Mackenzie Gault’s voice and strings provide counterpoint to Jamie “Jonny 5” Laurie’s spoken word in “Carousel.” Flobots provide a hopeful voice in troubled times, and it’s high time the world notices.
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