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Flatiron's stays loyal to the south end


  • Matthew Schniper
Younger sister to other Concept Restaurants (Ritz Grill, José Muldoon’s, MacKenzie’s Chop House), Flatiron’s soon turns seven, continuing to capture the neighboring Courtyard by Marriott guests as well as loyal southenders. (My daytime bartender’s service rated excellent.) I’m told the grilled chicken and pilaf ($13.95) I order is the single item to have been updated in January’s menu refresh, replacing a similarly plated pork. The thin breast sees an Italian dressing-like marinade which leaves a scant residual tanginess mixed with grill-sear flavors, while corn, peas and carrots color mildly seasoned brown rice and asparagus acts properly snappy. With garnishing pear and lemon slices, it feels like a tidy gourmet version of a classic tri-compartment, protein-veg-starch TV dinner. Good, just creatively bland.

A side of fried Brussels sprouts ($4) livens things up nicely, soaked in a sweet balsamic glaze, only in need of a touch more charring.

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