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Five easy pieces



1). Everybody mope! Due to undisclosed documentation problems, Morrissey recently rescheduled his Aug. 3 appearance at the Colorado Music Hall for Aug. 29. Though it seemed for a brief moment that the Sultan of Sullen would bring the mope down in a Colorado exclusive here in our humble fiefdom, Clear Channel Entertainment just announced that he will also be playing the Fillmore the following night, Aug. 30. Tickets for the Denver engagement go on sale Saturday, Aug. 3 at 10 a.m. No announcement has been made as to whether any local band will be blessed with the privilege of opening for His Sulkiness, so shut it.

2). The burbs should be so lucky! Acoustic Coffee Lounge co-owner Jason Spears is keeping us abreast of all aspects of recent not-so-neighborly complaints about noise in their wee little strip-mall hideaway at 30th Street and Centennial Boulevard. Depending on a decision from the City Planning Commission, Spears may be forced to close the doors at 10 p.m. as per zoning codes, which would effectively end most of their live music bookings. "We're coming up with some solutions that we're proposing to the neighbors to prevent any noise by us (or not) to try to keep everyone happy," said Spears.

Estimated opening day for the Spears' new downtown venue, Bleu 32 (at the corner of Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue), is now "sometime in September." Though the date's been pushed back from August, Spears said "it's going really well," and he has already started booking some as-yet-undisclosed "great acts."

3). Finally, Strip Aerobics is here! Well, close. From the press release I now quote: "The latest dance workout sensation has finally found its way to Denver. Strip Aerobics is for exercisers who like to experiment or for those who want to learn the art of seductive movement." I'm thinkin' Charles Wingate and The Pizza Hut Strut. If you're really interested, Strip Aerobics with Dami begins Monday, Aug. 5, at 9 a.m. at Shotgun Willy's (the strip joint of course), 490 S. Colorado Blvd. in Glendale.

4). Remember that hackneyed discussion about whether Snoop Dogg and ravers should be allowed to use the City Auditorium? Well, this coming Monday, Aug. 5, at 8 a.m. in the Pikes Peak Room of City Hall, there will be an informal public meeting where the new mission statement will be provided to the City Council by Ed Ward, Committee Chairman for the City Auditorium Task Force (CATForce). Then, on the following Wednesday, Aug. 7, CATForce will meet at 3:30 p.m. (also in the Pikes Peak Room) to make recommendations for "desirable and undesirable uses" and provide a preliminary report of the financial implications thereof. Yeah, this is dry stuff, but if you smell the unmistakable stench of euphemism and think you might enjoy a variety of City Auditorium engagements booked by anyone with cold hard cash, then you may just want to be there.

5). Public transportation here blows. Yeah, Colorado Springs Transit may shrink-wrap the buses in kindergarten art, but the routes and frequencies still haven't changed in over 20 years. And yet, even as rush-hour traffic gets increasingly constipated and the City begins plans for a yuppified Bus Terminal with an adjoining strip-mall and apartments, the options for improving the actual service are few! What good is a new bus terminal if there aren't any new buses? Sure, it would be great if those buses could link those of us in the Tailgater Hater Association of America (which I just invented and will heretofore be known by its acronym, THATASS) to a commuter train that could ever-so-logically link the greater Front Range area from Pueblo to Denver. Problem is, says Sherre Ritenour, Group Manager for the City of Colorado Springs Transit Group, commuter train service between Denver and the Springs is probably at least 15 years off. Though it may be little more than an Alka-Seltzer for an ulcer, the City does have a plan to commence a commuter bus service between here and Denver as early as next year, and they are considering changing city bus routes to a "modified grid system." Unfortunately, modified grid system only means higher frequency of service on only the most popular routes, said Ritenour. Still: no new buses. Half-a-million people means CITY. City means traffic. Traffic means it's time for everyone to start considering all public and private options for alternative transportation.


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