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It's another sign of the times: Community Fourth of July traditions like parades, festivals, street parties, food fests and fireworks displays seem to be giving way to backyard cookouts and smaller get-togethers with friends and family.


Tyler Duffy from the Old North End is an ortho-imagery technician

Do you have plans for the Fourth of July weekend? I'm not a big Fourth of July guy. I'll probably ride my bike a little, but I'll still go into work on Monday to earn a little extra cash.

Why do people get off on fireworks displays so much? I can't say. I recently saw a crowd at a downtown street fair getting all revved up about a guy jumping over a Red Bull semi on a motorcycle. People just seem to like spectacles.

Describe the Fourth of July you'd have if you could do anything you wanted. I'd have a big barbecue, maybe have a friend's band play. But I'd probably avoid fireworks.


Chris Nielsen from Pueblo is a grower and seller of produce

Do you have plans for the Fourth? That's the weekend we start selling our corn. I'll be picking corn and selling it, having a big corn party.

Do you go anywhere to watch fireworks displays? No, but I have friends who'll drive as far away as Texas to watch them.

Relate your most vivid Fourth of July memory. One year some people at the farm shot off some mortars that came down in the cornfield and set it on fire. Things got pretty crazy.

Describe the Fourth of July bash you'd throw if you could do anything you wanted. I'd throw a feast, have a live band, and bring in pyrotechnicians to create the biggest light show in all Colorado.


Catherine Munoz from Old Colorado City is a recreation therapist

Why are fireworks displays such a big deal to people? It's a way to get together with family and friends and feel good about living in America. I wish they'd bring back the one in Memorial Park.

Are fireworks more fun to watch or to set off in your backyard? I'd rather watch. You don't have to worry about safety, and someone else does all the work.

If you had no restrictions, what kind of Fourth of July bash would you throw? I'd have a giant, all-day beach picnic that'd be free to one and all, with food for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. There'd be as wide a mix of people as possible and live music throughout the day for every taste: R&B, rock, jazz, country. There'd be an area for kids to set off fireworks, and a giant fireworks display over the ocean that night.

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