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Gold Hill Java

Last year's tragic closure of BB Bean still has CC coffee-drinkers desperately and sleepily wandering the streets in search of equal perfection. As far as I can tell, Gold Hill Java is the next best thing, and certainly a step up from the lackluster blends sold on campus. Don't be put off by the high school skate-sters who tend to lurk here, and keep in mind that the Organic Peruvian Dark Roast is pricey but absolutely worth it. — Wyatt Miller
332 N. Tejon St., 687-6670, goldhilljava.com

Raven's Nest Coffee / Sabi

Located on the corner of Boulder and Institute streets, Raven’s Nest is a bit of a trek — but isn’t that the point? The stroll from campus couldn’t be prettier, and its tucked-away location feels like an escape. Duck inside for a cup of quality organic and fair trade java in one of the old armchairs that dot the space, or peruse the miles-long tea list on the patio out front. Bonus: Sabi next door is a hub for steampunk culture, with art openings, local music and edgy fun making a great option once Raven’s Nest closes up for the night. — Claire Swinford
330 N. Institute St., 632-3433, ravensnestcoffee.com


Murphy's Tavern

Ron the bartender claims that, in decades past, CC students were so desperate to get away from campus (imagine that!) that they would trudge the two-odd miles up Nevada Avenue in knee-deep snow to get to Murphy's. The humblest of dives, Murph's is like that shy, mysterious guy who never speaks in class, but turns out to be warm and self-effacing once you get to know him. Don't bring the whole posse, though: Murphy's is best for a quiet weeknight drink with red-faced strangers, a cozy refuge from the cold. — Wyatt Miller
2729 N. Nevada Ave., 634-9196

Borriello Brothers

C'mon. How can we not mention these guys? This is the closest thing to perfect New Yoike-style pizza you can get in town. In addition to all-you-can-eat slice specials Monday through Wednesday, and discounted student pricing at all other times, Borriello Brothers has coupons galore and tweets and texts deals weekly. Incredible pizza no matter what you want on it, and the Italian-breaded wings are a menu gem. — Jeff Koch
215 E. Platte Ave., 884-2020, borriellobrothers.com


Rudy's Little Hideaway

No, not Rudy's BBQ. The Little Hideaway offers Tex-Mex fare (a centuries-old culinary tradition that doesn't deserve the snobbish hate it often gets), and though it serves meals throughout the day, it's breakfast where this Rudy's really stands out. On a massive menu spanning several pages, choose from numerous variations on huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and even biscuits and gravy. My personal favorite is the migas, but as far as I can tell, all are great, and all are dirt cheap. — Wyatt Miller
945 S. Eighth St., 632-9527

Peak Bowl

Incoming freshmen will soon know that CC regularly organizes "Psychedelic Bowling," a rarely remembered outing where everyone dresses up ironically only to pass out regrettably. If you happen to be a more serious bowler — or a less serious social butterfly — this is the place. Games come as cheap as 95 cents, shoes as low as a dollar. Regulars claim they serve the best food in the bowling alley scene, but don't get your hopes up too much — you'll understand why. And don't be surprised if the sign reads, " EAK BOWL." — Wyatt Miller
2861 N. Prospect St., 636-5193, peakbowl.com

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