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For many of us, the onset of summer brings a feast for the senses.

Cass Barrett

Cass Barrett of Ivywild is a strength coach and personal trainer.

What about summertime in childhood would you most like to re-live? Spending every day at the swimming pool from the minute it opened to the minute it closed. Also, my first one-and-a-half flip off the diving board when I was 10.

Is there a drink that takes you back to being a kid in summer? Ice cold water. My grandfather was in the Forest Service, and it was always water, water, water with him — the colder, the better.

What song says "summer" to you? "Badfish" by Sublime. It came out while I was living in San Diego after high school. It captures everything that's best about summer.

If you could go anywhere for a week this summer, where? San Diego, catching up on old friends, spending time on the beach.

Donna Danford

Donna Danford of Manitou Springs is a subcontract administrator.

What childhood summer moment would you love to re-experience? The time in the fourth grade in De Leon, Florida, when a friend and I stumbled across an abandoned building at an old race track. We peered in a window and saw this stream of sunlight pouring down from overhead windows to make this magical circle of light on the floor, with millions and millions of dust bits swirling in the shaft. We were transfixed.

Is there a drink that takes you back to summer in childhood? Lemonade. We kids used to make it using grandma's wonderful glass juicers and then sit around drinking it on Aunt Sarah's front porch.

What song or movie transports you back to summer and youth? "Summer Breeze," by Seals and Crofts.

If you could have a week to do anything this summer, what? Exactly what I'm already going to do — visit my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Warren in Bolivia, North Carolina. I lived with them as a kid, and they're elderly now. The last time I saw Uncle Warren, he was standing in a field of 8-foot-tall sunflowers.

Jaron Clark

Jaron Clark of Widefield is a student.

Name a summer moment you'd love to re-live. Visiting my relatives in California and seeing all the underwater creatures at SeaWorld. I've wanted to be a marine biologist ever since.

What food or drink says "summer" to you? Lemonade.

Describe your favorite summertime memory. Hanging out with my grandma, just because she's such a funny character.

Where would you love to spend a week this summer? Australia. As a kid, I idolized Steve Irwin, "the crocodile hunter." I've wanted to see his zoo in Australia for years.

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