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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont, is galvanizing huge crowds and generating a tidal wave of non-corporate contributions, yet his campaign remains largely ignored by the media.

Elaine Adamson
  • Elaine Adamson

Elaine Adamson of Old Colorado City is in sales.

What do you know about Bernie Sanders? Only what little I've seen about him in the press. I like his independent thinking and how he's for people instead of ideology and money.

Are the media giving him a fair shake? He gets nowhere near the press of the other candidates. Most of the coverage is going to Trump because he's a circus act. Sanders is just plain old Sanders — it's one of the best things about him.

What's behind the grassroots enthusiasm for his campaign? A lot of people out there are hungry for a candidate in touch with the common, everyday person.

What is a socialist? Someone who thinks the government should help people meet their everyday needs for things like health care and food, the way Canada does. Among the people I work with, it's the Republicans who reject the very word, socialism.

What comes to mind when you hear the term? Of the people, for the people.

David Hughes
  • David Hughes

David Hughes of Old Colorado City is retired military.

What candidate would you like to learn more about? Jeb Bush and what he's done in Florida.

How do you view Bernie Sanders? He's a socialist and I absolutely oppose socialism.

What is a socialist? Someone who thinks the wealthy should be heavily taxed to give handouts to those who have less. Sanders wants to fund his socialist agenda by taxing corporations and the rich.

Why is Sanders generating such grassroots enthusiasm? The public is unhappy with Washington in general. His popularity reflects that.

Is he electable? No. He doesn't understand foreign affairs or how to properly fund our military.

Nathan Ell
  • Nathan Ell

Nathan Ell of Stratmoor is a gardener.

What do you know about Bernie Sanders? He's not a slave to big business or the military industrial complex. He's not afraid to talk about the growing gap between the wealthiest 1 percent and everyone else.

Is his campaign getting a fair shake in the media? They're all but ignoring him because he's decent and civil instead of a snarky spectacle.

Is he electable? A whole lot of people are waking up to the fact they're getting screwed. It's not just the Tea Party that's unhappy with the status quo.

What is a socialist? It means taking care of everyone in society.

How is Sanders a socialist? He's a socialist in the mode of northern Europe — countries like Norway and Sweden with the world's highest standard of living. He advocates spending money on public projects. He's for free college education.

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