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faUSt relies almost wholly on dynamics


faUSt, Fresh Air
  • faUSt, Fresh Air
The label krautrock is often applied to faUSt, but in this case the term is virtually meaningless. Only occasionally does Fresh Air suggest any kind of rock sensibility; the atmospheric compositions are closer to art-house, conservatory pieces. The 17-plus-minute title track features nothing but keening violin (or cello) and French recitations for its first half. Eventually, founding member Werner Diermaier’s hypnotic drum figure enters the arrangements, along with some equally mesmerizing one-chord guitar scraping. Like late ‘60s Pink Floyd, this music relies almost wholly on dynamics, with fleeting, carefully placed nods toward conventional melody. The brief “Partitur” is reminiscent of Frank Zappa’s more outré moments. Still, there’s a spooky, dramatic ambiance to the pieces that renders them the aural equivalent of a grisly auto accident: You may or may not enjoy what you’re experiencing, yet somehow you can’t turn away.
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