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Father John Misty has delivered a heavy-hitting monolith


  • Father John Misty, "Pure Comedy"
Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) has left behind the connubial bliss of his second album I Love You, Honey Bear, and gone back to social and spiritual commentary on the new Pure Comedy, this time in an even vaster, 75-minute collection of diatribes. Detractors often find Tillman too pretentious and even arrogant, but he deserves credit for equating social problems with something as fundamental as our hunter-gatherer roots. As the album’s title suggests, this is pure Dante, providing broad observations on society’s failures in ”Total Entertainment Forever,” while admitting his own faults as a human in the 13-minute epic “Leaving L.A.” Father John Misty has gained some enemies with his extreme snarkiness, yet it is hard to deny that Pure Comedy is as literate and heavy-hitting a monolith as can be found in 2017.
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