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Writer Dave Barry rightly described calories as "units of flavor." How do you get yours?


Marlys Sowell of downtown is a nurse

Do you avoid carbohydrates and fats? I'm not a strict anti-carb person, but I try to eat relatively healthy.

What's your take on the current trend in paleo eating? I'm vaguely familiar with it. I like variety too much to try it, though.

Name something you absolutely couldn't cut out of your diet. Red or green chili. I'm from New Mexico.

What food would you eliminate from existence? I hate condiments. Mayonnaise especially — it's the worst thing on the planet.

Given a choice between living five extra years by eating a 100 percent healthy diet — a diet of raw vegetables, say — and eating a hedonistic, delicious diet without getting those five years, which would you do? I'd go with the five extra years. Every day is a gift.


Jenni Clark of Old Colorado City is a café worker

Describe your diet. I love fruits and vegetables, but I'm not a strict vegetarian. I love pasta, too, but it doesn't make me feel good.

Are you familiar with the paleo diet? I went paleo for a while. It made me feel amazing. I stopped only because I missed certain things, like ice cream.

What's the worst fad diet you can remember? The Atkins diet, where you cut out all carbs. You lose weight quickly, but you're left with no energy.

What's something you'd never cut out of your diet? Greens: spinach, kale, chard, you name it. I'm addicted.

What food would you eliminate once and for all? Corn. Most of it is GMO now, genetically altered. It's not good for you.

If you could extend your life five years by adopting a diet limited, say, to raw vegetables, would you do it? I'd choose the five years, absolutely. I eat healthy because I want a long life.


Daniel Gesy of Sioux City, Iowa, is in the car wash business

Do you avoid carbohydrates and/or fats? I'm a protein fan, but I eat pretty much anything I see. My favorite food is ribeye steak.

What's your take on the paleo diet? It sounds interesting. I'd like to learn more about it.

What's one food you'd absolutely never cut out of your diet? Pepsi Cola. It's my habit of choice.

What food would you gladly eliminate from existence? I don't like pasta.

If you could choose between living five extra years by adopting a diet of raw vegetables, or not getting those five years but eating totally delicious food, which would you pick? I'd eat well.

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