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Fairplay to host three-day music festival, mellower marijuana coming and more


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Your parents' pot

Colorado-based Melowana is pushing back against the current trend of ever-increasing THC counts in marijuana by bringing back the '70s — and the '60s, and likely the last several thousand years. In an interview, owner Mukesh Prasad says the pot he's tried has often made him feel "out of control," so his company will target Colorado medical and recreational users interested in "milder, traditional forms of marijuana."

"Our Facebook page has gotten more than 11,000 likes for the idea," says Prasad, and he's since launched an IndieGogo fundraiser at in an attempt to bring in $750,000. Melowana's products will be "in addition to what's available" — an outlet not necessarily for the current marijuana user, but for the "marijuana curious." When prompted, he admitted this meant an older demographic. Your parents, for example, have probably laid off the reefer since its lower-impact days and might find today's pot too much to manage.

For example, Prasad cites alcohol, saying that during Prohibition manufacturers tried to make the most potent products possible, but upon repeal, the American public went for lower-alcohol wines and beers. Of course, "weed prohibition" is far from over, he says.

Ultimately, Melowana will grow varieties of an "unmodified, naturally occurring strain" called Landrace. Funds acquired and permission granted, seeds should hit the dirt in the next six months.

Blazing Bonnaroo

Fairplay will bring the ruckus this Fourth of July weekend when it hosts the inaugural South Park Music & Camping Festival, a three-day celebration of weed and weed's best friends — music and art — at the 3,500-acre American Safari Ranch (1484 County Road 7,

Beginning July 3, between the Indica and Sativa stages, concertgoers will catch Tech N9ne, Matisyahu, The Flobots, Blackalicious, Slightly Stoopid, Alien Ant Farm and, of course, the Kottonmouth Kings and Collie Buddz, in addition to a bunch of other names, all while partaking in the stimulating sights of lasers and lights, and a multitude of food vendors. (Step one: Know your audience.)

This is in addition to cannabis-related workshops and "a huge fireworks display that will rival any major city" in celebration of Independence Day. Campers can pack it in, or rent gear from the festival, and hit art installations, cornhole tournaments and more.

A single-day pass starts at $43 for those 18-and-up (who also hold a red card) or anybody 21 and up. It's $129 for all three days, with a variety of different packages available.

100 percent

In coordination with local police, the Colorado Department of Revenue recently sent 20 minors into recreational-marijuana stores in Denver and Pueblo to test the 21-and-up age limit. Every single store carded the buyer and denied the sale.

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