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Ezra Tucker and Benjamin Wu to show at Broadmoor Galleries


  • Benjamin Wu
Two artists from widely different parts of the world are meeting up at the Broadmoor Galleries to attend a showcase of their Western and wildlife images. Right now, at his home in Monument, artist Ezra Tucker is preparing about 20 of his paintings for the show. In San Francisco, artist Benjamin Wu is doing the same. Jamie Oberloh, the director of the Broadmoor Galleries, says that both artists’ paintings are stunning.

“Wu’s work has some photorealism,” he says, “but is painterly in that it deliberately directs the eye at the subjects of the works, while softening and blurring the backgrounds.”

Wu studied at Guangzhou Fine Art Institute, in the southern part of China, where he developed a fascination with the American West. After leaving the institute, he traveled in Europe for several years, studying classical works, before settling down in San Francisco in the late 1980s.

“His work often shows the influence of the European masters,” says Oberloh.

Ezra Tucker, on the other hand, is the son of former subsistence farmers from Tennessee. He loved visiting his grandparents on their farm as a kid. He also liked watching the old nature television series Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and his favorite show, Tarzan. The combination helped him develop an affinity for animals and nature that has followed him throughout his life as a professional illustrator.

“Some of his most recognizable work is perhaps the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales,” says Oberloh. “Tucker’s work also leans toward realism, but there’s a touch of impressionism there, too.”

Tucker and Wu both have works in galleries worldwide, and many pieces are held in private collections, but Oberloh says, “The works that are appearing at the Broadmoor Galleries will be available for purchase. We’re rehanging the main gallery to showcase these two artists.” Both will be present to meet and talk about their work at the opening of their two-person show.

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