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Late this month, folks from Providence, R.I., will be in town to talk about how they used the arts to help turn their city around. What will they find here?


Carolene Brooks of Vista Mesa works with developmentally disabled adults

How connected do you feel to the local arts scene? It's a good scene, but I don't get out much.

Have you felt more connected to an arts scene elsewhere? I did in Seattle, but I was around more people then and wanted to get out and be in the crowd more.

What's the best arts-related local event? I especially like The Thorn, a religious play they do around Easter every year. It was at the World Arena this year.


Andres Romero of Cheyenne Mountain is a cook

Do you identify with the local arts scene? I feel pretty connected to the music scene because I played drums in Thee Kissing Disease with Adam Leech, and in Sappho with some Colorado College kids.

Which area of the arts does Colorado Springs do best? The music scene is flourishing with bands like the Flumps and the Haunted Windchimes, but we also have some amazing artists like Aaron Jones, an up-and-coming oil painter, and Bill Starr, an incredible photographer.

Name the best arts-oriented event in the area. I used to love Llamapalooza at Colorado College. It brought in some incredible bands, like Toots and the Maytals.


Rick Curry of Vickers & Union is in industrial manufacturing

How connected do you feel to the local arts scene? Not as much as I'd like, mostly because of time constraints.

Have you felt more connected to arts scenes elsewhere? I felt a little more connected when I lived in Manitou.

Identify the best arts-related event or festival in the area. The Indie Spirit Film Festival they have every year.


Joanna Stark of Woodland Park is a YMCA camp director

How closely do you identify with the local arts scene? I'm starting to feel more connected. We love the street art in downtown Manitou and Colorado Springs, and we just got a membership at the [Colorado Springs] Fine Arts Center.

Have you felt more connected to arts scenes elsewhere? Seattle and Boulder support the arts better than we do here. Folks here would rather let schools lose arts programs than pay taxes in support of culture.

Which area of the arts do we do best locally? We don't excel in anything just yet. We pretty much get a C-plus across the board. We're getting better, though.

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