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Excerpts from Ralph Nader's Concord Principles

Jello Biafra's platform



Democracy must empower and enable citizens to obtain timely and accurate information from their government.

The American people should have reasonable control over the public lands, public media airwaves, pension funds, and other societal assets.

We need modern mechanisms so that civic power for self-government and self-reliance can correct the often converging power imbalance of Big Business and Big Government.

Citizens should have measures to ensure that their voting powers are not diluted, over-run, or nullified.

Citizens must have full legal standing to challenge in the courts the waste, fraud, and abuse of government spending.

Citizens should be accorded computerized access in libraries and in their homes to the full range of government information.

Effective legal protections are needed for ethical whistleblowers who alert Americans to abuses or hazards to health and safety in the workplace, or the contamination of the environment, or the defrauding of citizens.

Working people need a reasonable measure of control over how their pension monies are invested.

Shareholders, who are the owners of companies, should not have their assets wasted or worker morale victimized by executives who give themselves huge salaries, bonuses, greenmail, and golden parachutes.

Our country's schoolchildren need to be taught democratic principles in their historic context and present relevance, so they will be nurtured to serve as a major reservoir of future democracy.

Enact a maximum wage of $100,000.

Abolish the military, and the CIA, NSA, DIA, DEA, ATF, hopefully the FBI and disband all SWAT teams.

Withdraw from NAFTA and the World Trade Organization.

End the War on Drugs. Decriminalize marijuana and illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine and crack. Hard-core addiction is an illness, not a crime.

Get tough on real crime. Sentence slumlords to live in their own buildings.

Sentence polluters to inhale and swim in the mess they've made until they clean it up.

Sentence Savings and Loan sharks and white collar gangstas from our recent bank deregulation to pay back all the money they steal, just like if they held up a 7-11.

Sentence arms dealers and manufacturers to pay for rebuilding all the places destroyed by the wars they help start.

Make police officers stand for reelection every four years, voted on by the districts they patrol.

Lower the voting age to five, so children can learn they have a real stake in their future by voting for school boards and even teachers.


Stephen Gaskin's platform

Universal health care: Everyone gets taken care of while we argue about the money.

Campaign finance and election reform. The airwaves belong to the people, and everyone gets a say.

Choice in education: Let's educate the kids now, through junior college on merit, and argue about the money later.

Decriminalize marijuana and give amnesty to all simple marijuana prisoners who are not involved with guns or hard drugs.

A corporation is not a person.

Fix veterans benefit system.

Equal rights amendment for women.

Animal rights.

Gay rights.

Quit building and selling war weapons nationally and internationally.

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