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Evolfo's songs are atmospheric and visceral at the same time


Evolfo, "Last of the Acid Cowboys"
  • Evolfo, "Last of the Acid Cowboys"

Depending on one’s musical frame of reference, this album’s title might conjure images of Flying Burrito Brothers or Camper van Beethoven. As it turns out, Evolfo has little in common with either. On Last of the Acid Cowboys, the Brooklyn-based band showcases its own brand of garage- and soul-flavored songcraft. Evolfo’s songs are atmospheric and visceral at the same time; an air of melodrama pervades the arrangements. The production style leans toward the lo-fi, clattering sonic textures of ’60s-focused throwback bands, but Evolfo’s songwriting approach is rooted as much in ‘90s Britpop and modern styles as in the music of a half-century ago. The soul vibe comes through thanks to a crack horn section, judiciously employed on every song to good effect. The high-energy “Luv Like a Freak” is the disc’s most successful track, but Cowboys is an engaging disc throughout.
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