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English Dockside still pricey for its quality


  • Griffin Swartzell
On past visits, we’ve been disappointed with service times at English Dockside, the Westside Southern/Cajun eatery. But when we visit on a Sunday night, we’re seated and served quite quickly. Considering we see four other patrons over the course of our admittedly brief evening, that’s expected, but little wins are still wins.

We’re craving crustaceans, so we go for shrimp and grits ($22) and crab cakes ($18). For the former, we opt for blackened shrimp and find them reasonably well-seasoned and not overdone. There’s plenty skewered atop the massive bowl of grits, but the blue crab sauce tastes like under-seasoned gravy, not helped by the clumpy, under-seasoned grits. The crab cakes satisfy with meatiness, but they’re under that same creamy-bland blue crab sauce, though garlic rice satisfies with allium delight. But when we’re walking out with a bill that breaks $50 with tip for two entrées without appetizers or drinks, we expect better. 
Location Details English Dockside
1201 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO
Cajun, Southern and Barbecue

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