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Empanadas Milonga makes beautiful, piquant dough purses


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  • Matthew Schniper
Catch Empanadas Milonga’s kick-ass creations in the Pikes Peak Market, noon to 5 p.m., Thursdays-Saturdays. Owners Evelyn Davila and Adrian Armendano are Puerto Rican and Argentinian, respectively, bringing both of their cultures to bear as they team to construct the eponymous goodies: he pounds the dough (all-purpose flour and lard, with vegan substitutions) and prepares the fillings, while she does beautiful “closings” on the pastry edges pre-bake to seal them and denote each flavor. We try pollo, Carne Criolla, and Caprese options ($3.50 apiece/frozen half dozens available to-go), each highlighting the soft, delightful dough and vibrant stuffing. The Caprese evokes pizza with fresh basil and gushing hot tomato juice; olive stands out in the chicken, baked with herbs and Spanish paprika; and the Carne’s house-ground beef (from steak cuts) sees cumin, garlic, and onion plus a piquant, outstanding Criolla sauce atop made partly with bell peppers, parsley, garlic and white wine vinegar.
Location Details Empanadas Milonga
315 E Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO


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