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Email message sent to school board members


EDITOR'S NOTE: At the request of the private resident who wrote the initial e-mail, the Indy removed her name from this story in February 2010.

The following are the e-mail messages sent to school board members. In order, they include the original complaint from a School District 11 resident, a response from D-11 board member Eric Christen, a response from Doherty High School Principal Jill Martin and a final message from Eric Christen.


Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 4:05 PM


Subject: High School Sex in the Park

I was dismayed with the school board's decision to allow planned parenthood to continue to teach about contraception and safe sex at our childrens' schools. I am even more dismayed after what I witnessed on Friday afternoon, 2/11/2005, and suggest the school board go one step further; provide a safe place for these kids to practice sex where kids and park visitors aren't subjected to it.

On Friday afternoon, while walking my dog in [Keller] Park, I stumbled into two Doherty High School students having sex in [Keller] Park; the park at ____ Elementary School and ___ Middle School, you know. I know they were from Doherty, because I had seen them about half an hour before, while I was on my rounds with my dog... with their backpacks on and kissing the whole time they were in my view. Her white jeans and pink backpack and long brown hair were unmistakable. I couldn't believe a previous report by one of my neighbors that they had witnessed, on two occasions, middle school or high schools girls performing oral sex on boys in the park.

(We have a very diligent neighborhood watch program.)

The two Doherty High School students were in the midst of a group of pine trees along the backyard fence of one of the homes along [Keller] Park, when I was on my way home with my dog. The boy was on top of her moving up and down and she had her pants and her underpants off. As soon as I saw them and they saw me, I made a big circle around them and pulled out my cell phone to call the police, but the kids were so quick to jump up, put on their clothes and backpacks and walk off, that I abandoned the call; too late.

If D-11 continues to teach safe sex, teach them where to have sex. I am so disgusted with the school board's decision and most of you should be ashamed of yourselves for not having thought of WHERE this safe sex was to take place. Furthermore, you can brace yourselves if this happens again or if the park "activity" affects our property values here along [Keller] Park. I will not hesitate to take this to take this to the press and have not yet abandoned the idea in this situation.


-----Original Message-----

From: Eric []

Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 9:07 PM


Subject: RE: High School Sex in the Park

Thank you _______ for sharing your concern. Our children, however, are just animals and the sooner you get over your 19th Century hang-ups about where these little creatures can and can't have sex, the less problematic you'll find all of this.

But hey, on the bright side, maybe they used condoms!

Eric Christen


D11 School Board

From the Principal

Subject: RE: High School Sex in the Park


Thank you so much for informing Mr. Breazell about the students engaged sexual activity in [Keller] Park. I am shocked and disappointed to learn that this is occurring, and assure you that we will do everything within our power to address and resolve this problem.

We work closely... to monitor our students' behavior off campus. We also have a Colorado Springs School Resource Officer assigned to [Doherty], as well as our own Security staff, and these individuals are prepared to respond to calls from the community when students are observed engaging in illicit or illegal activity. What you witnessed is very disturbing, and we want to work with you to not only identify these two students but to ensure that such behavior does not continue. If you or your neighbors observe such activity in the future, please call District 11 Security at 520-2287, and they will radio us to determine who can respond. (Of course, you can also call CSPD.)

If you would be willing to speak with me and Officer ______ about this, with your help we will try to determine who these students were. In addition, Officer _____ works with other neighborhood watch groups, and we would very much like to know who we can talk to about establishing a relationship with your group so that we can put a stop to such offensive and illegal activity.

I can be reached at _________(my private line), or I would be happy to call you at your convenience. Again, thank you for alerting us to this offensive, risky and illegal activity.

Jill Martin


Doherty High School

-----Original Message-----

From: Eric []

Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 4:13 PM


Cc: 'Craig Cox'; 'David Linebaugh'; 'Karen Teja'; 'Mary Wierman'; 'Sandy Shakes'; 'Willie Breazell (home)'; 'VALDEZ, LOU'; 'THURMAN, MARY E.'

Subject: RE: High School Sex in the Park

Thanks for your response. I do have some questions, however:

1) Why are you shocked? This has apparently been going on for some time. Have you not been aware of it until now?

2) Why is what was witnessed "disappointing" or "shocking"? We teach kids to have sex, that there is no moral imperative to NOT having sex, and we then act surprised when they do have sex? I'm confused. Or is the shock and disappointment from the fact they did this in public? If so then that is what is disappointing.

8000 teenagers today acquired an STD and most did it in the confines of their homes. This is what should be shocking and disappointing, though hardly surprising in an educational system that treats them as little more than dogs in heat vs. the moral, cognitive beings they truly are.

Eric Christen


D11 School Board

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