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Ego Versus Brain


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To what extent does the ego superimpose the use of the brain in situations when human lives are at stake? As evidenced by the behavior displayed by President Trump, who will not wear a mask to avoid giving reporters the satisfaction of portraying him as a weak individual – without realizing that he accomplishes just the opposite by such display of infantile behavior. We now seem to also have Vice President Pence contaminated by such a social disease – conformity at its worst. It is not surprising that President Trump would display such childish behavior, but Mr. Pence? Is he also falling prey to the fear of disapproval from the President? Please tell the people that is not the case, please??? Among those running the country, until his performance during the most recent briefing, I saw Mr. Pence as a man of integrity. Not anymore!

The content of the most recent Task Force Briefing was a carbon copy of the previous ones, given by President Trump – filled with a false sense of hope, assuming that all listening to what was said, lacked to ability to see the difference between truth and lies.

We all know that a bully, in any setting, will elicit compliance from those around him/her who don’t have the fortune to be equipped with a back bone. Based on this premise, are those who attend rallies all afflicted by a terminal case of conformity? Are they brainless enough to risk the safety of others, including their loved ones, just so they can be seen as members of the in-crowd, not wearing masks, however destructive the in-crowd may be? Is their ego so very fragile that the consequences of their high level of conformity does not matter to them?

Marcela Gaumer
Colorado Springs

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