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Topping education news lately has been the battle in Congress over subsidized student loans. When the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 was signed into law, it guaranteed a decrease in interest rates only until June 30, 2012. If Congress can't agree on re-upping the act, students across the country will start paying 6.8 percent interest on their loans, as opposed to the 3.4 percent of today.

As we go to press, our congressmen and women are debating the issue on the floor of the Senate. They've been banging up against what appears to be a partisan roadblock. Republicans want to pay for the difference in interest rates with spending cuts in preventive health care. Democrats want to close tax loopholes to keep rates low.

Maybe what all these politicians really need is to go back to college. To step out of their roles, sit down behind a desk, put aside their biases and get a refresher in what the best schools teach you, no matter your degree emphasis — how to think objectively and communicate efficiently. If they want to do it in Colorado Springs, we've got just the guide for them ... and you.

What follows is, first and foremost, a compendium of post-secondary schooling choices in the Pikes Peak region. From four-year universities to two-year schools to trade schools and sites for continuing education, you've got options.

In addition, you'll find one feature story on options for learning a second (or third, or sixth) foreign language, as well as another story focusing on how one local college has become fluent in film.

Whatever your educational goals, let our guide help tutor you along.

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