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Edith Makes a Paper Chain will turn up the volume at a rare live show



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'I just feel edgy these days,' says Edith Makes a Paper Chain vocalist Sarah Hope. 'My shadow is fully integrated at this point in my life.' - LARRY HULST
  • Larry Hulst
  • 'I just feel edgy these days,' says Edith Makes a Paper Chain vocalist Sarah Hope. 'My shadow is fully integrated at this point in my life.'

Edith Makes a Paper Chain are a well-known and beloved presence on the Colorado Springs music scene, with a reputation as one of the foremost local purveyors of gentle, harmony-driven indie-folk. However, according to lead vocalist Sarah Hope, Edith will soon be turning up the volume with some brand-new material, which she hints is of the inclination to kick out some of those proverbial jams.

"My friend Sue Spengler summed it up well when she wrote a poem for the kids at the Little School on Vermijo." says Hope. "She wrote, 'Everyone will tell you to be yourself, but I say be yourselves; there will be many.' I totally agree with her — I feel like there are many selves. One of my selves identifies more with Joan Jett than Joan Baez. I just feel edgy these days, and my shadow is fully integrated at this point in my life."

"Maybe I did it backwards," she continues. "Some rockers start out all angsty, then mellow out and start meditating, or have some kids and write a folk album with a ukulele. I don't feel at all angsty, I just feel like rocking out again. I started off with indie rock bands in Minneapolis in the '90s. But FYI: There are no mullets in my future."

Edith Makes a Paper Chain plan to record a new EP in the autumn, but you can check out the new material at the distinctly non-mulleted group's only planned show of the summer at the Wild Goose Meeting House on Sunday, July 10. The band will be joined by Hope's daughter, Edith alumna and talented singer-songwriter Miette Hope, who is currently in her second year studying at the Berklee College of Music.

"She is playing just a couple of shows this summer before she goes on tour with the psychedelic rock band Aüva," Hope says of the younger Hope. "In August, they are opening for Brian Wilson, so that is exciting. My daughter Evie is also a musician and has taken Miette's place singing harmonies and writing in Edith. She is totally rocking it — there will inevitably be some sort of Hedwig and the Angry Inch moment where I am passing the baton and wig to them, but not just yet."

In addition to the newer, more raucous material, Hope says the band may throw in a few a capella traditionals for fun and old times' sake.

"We call that project 'Carsongs' because of the times we've gone on tour with a bunch of female singers and passed the time singing and busking for lunch money. So the folk isn't totally gone. There was a point where I was trying to convince everyone to change the name of the band, but it seemed like a lot of effort when all I really want to do is write some songs and play a few really fun shows. So we compromised and started just calling the project Edith. Since it is our only show this summer, we plan to make it a really good one."

Meanwhile, here's a look at further live music opportunities for the week:

McAllen, Texas-based rock and metal quintet Sons of Texas hits the Black Sheep stage on July 6, along with Pueblo's Seven Days Lost and locals Image Of.

On July 7, Flux Capacitor hosts a night of hardcore, queercore and riot grrrl punk, featuring North Dakota's Swing Low and Baltic to Boardwalk, California's Pink Bandana and Pueblo's Creep Status.

Also on July 7, Saskatoon rockers The Sheepdogs play the Black Sheep, joined by Denver's Reno Divorce, who blend punk rock and classic, honky-tonk country.

Friday, July 8, brings long-running country and western swing ensemble Asleep at the Wheel to Stargazers Theatre, with the local Jeffrey Alan Band in support.

Meanwhile, at Rawkus, you can catch Houston-based rapper and occasional actor Paul Wall on July 8.

On July 8 and 9 at the Zodiac, darkness invariably shall descend with Colorado Goth Fest 2016, featuring a "black market" and performances from a variety of acts, including eHpH, Braineaters, Lithium Vandale, Kommunity FK, Encrypted, Acid Casualty, Faces Under the Mirror, Vain Machine, Ritual Aesthetic, The Returners and Royal Dead.

The Experimental, Miami-based group I Set My Friends on Fire headlines a full night at Sunshine Studios on July 9, also featuring Roots Like Mountains, Alive/Alone, October Skies, Enduality and Fighting the Phoenix.

Finally, to coincide with PrideFest weekend, the Cottonwood Center for the Arts will host a July 9 musical evening featuring an array of talented, multi-genre performers including LadySpeech, Stoney Bertz, Joseph Lamar and Dino Safari.

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