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Eat up, drink up in the Springs

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No matter your tastes, personality or bank account, there are plenty of places to chow down and drink up in greater Colorado Springs.


Ann-Marie Belzer of downtown is a freelance graphic artist

What's the best overall restaurant in the area? Shuga's. It's a nice combination of rustic and hip. It can get crowded and be a little noisy to talk to your partner comfortably, but you always get a good meal, they take the time to make a good drink, and I love their coconut curry shrimp soup.

Where can you get a good meal for under $10? The gyros at Heart of Jerusalem are delicious. So is their hummus and baba ghanoush.

Is there a bar or restaurant you haven't visited, but want to try? There's a cute little place in Old Colorado City. It's kind of a dive — in fact it's called The Dive — but every time I drive by, it smells really good. I've got it in the back of my head to have a burger there sometime.

Name an under-appreciated local bar or restaurant. The Townhouse [Lounge] in Manitou. I don't like to stick out too much. If I'm meeting a girlfriend for a drink, I don't want to feel I'm not hip enough. The Townhouse makes you feel like a local, even if you're not.


Darryl Mungres of the north side is in manufacturing

What's the best overall restaurant in town? I like the atmosphere in Phantom Canyon [Brewing Co.], and I like supporting local businesses instead of chains.

Where can you get a good meal for under 10 bucks? Louie's Pizza, downtown. You can get a large, three-topping pizza there for $10 through Groupon.

What local restaurant is an undiscovered gem? Paravicini's, an Italian place in Old Colorado City. It's run by two local guys who make everything from scratch.


Diana Nolan of Stetson Hills is a television producer

What's the best overall restaurant in the area? It depends on your mood. I really liked Adam's Mountain Café in Manitou until the floods washed it out. [Note: It's again fully operational.] For good happy hours and steakhouses, I like MacKenzie's [Chop House] and Sonterra [Innovative Southwest Grill]. For Mexican, I like [the Crystal Park] Cantina and Amanda's Fonda.

What's the best place for a meal under $10? The farmers market in Old Colorado City. The woman in the tamale stand there gets up at 3 a.m. to make tamales from scratch. You can get a dozen for, like, eight bucks, and they deliver.

Name a bar or restaurant that's an under-appreciated gem. Sushi Ring in Ivywild. It's in a mall and doesn't look like much, but the sushi chef is really friendly and gets excited about the chance to try new creations. It's all you can eat for $25.

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