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There are two things that interest me on New Year's Eve: watching movies and nodding off before Dick Clark's ball drops. While other holidays offer gifts, bonbons, gut-busting meals, green beer, costumes, barbecues, etc., New Year's Eve is nothing but drunk drivers, hangovers and the promise of broken resolutions -- maybe a kiss.

At least you don't have to work on New Year's Day, and a kettle full of black-eyed peas, collard greens and a pan of cornbread takes the edge off the ao nuevo anomie. I suggested to a friend that I might be roused from my long winter's nap if he'd throw a diaper party (everyone puts on a pair of Depends when they arrive, then you make like the baby new year when your kidneys kick into champagne overdrive!). But alas, the inherently boring nature of the holiday prevailed, and he demurred. Last time I actually bothered to go out, in 1999, I found myself soberly reveling in the millennial anticlimax in the middle of a deserted street in San Francisco next to a cabbie blasting Prince's "1999."

So much for the overnight apocalypse.

Anyways, if you do decide to go out this New Year's Eve, your friendly local music editor has a few suggestions for where you might imbibe some local music and a few glasses of French shompoa.

(Note: Please see our Playing Around section, page 33, for more details and events.)


The paradox of party music named after a popular euphemism for depression notwithstanding, you can bet there will be "good times" aplenty wherever the blues are crooning on New Year's. John-Alex Mason will be wailing on his steel git at Meadow Muffins. If you're up Manitou way, you might stop by the Business of Art Center for some Latin-flavored blues with the John Stone Project featuring Me and Julio at Venue 515. Finally, the ubiquitous Magic Dave and the New Mules will be harming the harmonica at Laura Belle's.


Nothing like familiar music to anchor you firmly to the ground as the spins turn your mind into a disco ball! Velvet Jesi is your best bet for "alternative" and contemporary covers at Union Station. If it's classic covers you need to shake off the past 30 years, Radio London will have all you can endure in one evening at Southside Johnny's. More of the same with some jam and blues infused at The Ute Pass Inn in Woodland Park with the Nocturnal Tomatoes. And if you happen to be in Palmer Lake, The Kenny James Band will be rocking bygone tunes at The Strike Zone Lounge.


Your one-and-only best bet in this department would be The Colorado Springs Philharmonic at the Pikes Peak Center for the New Year's Eve From Gershwin's Broadway. You go Gersh.

Big Band and swing

Classic without the rock, the New Century Big Band with Mary Chapman and special guests The Nostalgics will be at the New Year's Eve Ball at the City Auditorium. Then for class without the -ic, Johnny and the Jukes are playing at the Broadmoor Tavern by reservation only.

Rock, Metal and Hip-Hop (original)

32 Bleu definitely has the party for the hipster set with a little bit of everything from emo to hip-hop with Laymen Terms, Eyes Caught Fire, Accumen and Erased. Love .45 will be just across the street at The Ritz. TRON will be just a little farther up the street at Jos Muldoon's. Rage Radio and Neighborhood Bully will be at Rascal's Bar down on B Street. And Itis will be metallic and heavy at The Gardens out on the East Side. If you're in Cripple Creek, Redraw the Farm will be at Ralf's Breakroom.


If swinging your arms around like you're a really slow blender is what you need to do tonight, you'll have to head to The Ancient Mariner in Manitou for a three-band lineup of The Old Dog Band, Areola, and Joe Johnson.


Two options: Country Crossroads Band at the Mill Hill Saloon or Beach Party at Creekers in Cripple Creek.

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