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Duran Duran

60 seconds with Nick Rhodes



Indy: You did three songs on the new CD, Red Carpet Massacre, with Timbaland. How did he work with your band?

NR: He would come up with some beats and things with his machines, and then we'd all jam together and see where it took us. We were trying to experiment and find what works.

Indy: Justin Timberlake co-wrote and sang on two songs as well. How did he get involved?

NR: He found out we were working with Tim, and we'd been talking about working with him for a while. He said, 'Hey, I'm in New York. Can I join the session?' So, obviously, we said, 'Yeah, why not?' Justin worked very closely with Simon [LeBon], particularly on timing and melodies.

Indy: How is the live show different now than in the early '80s, when your shows inspired comparisons to Beatlemania?

NR: One [difference] is we can all hear ourselves play now, which back then, honestly, that was a serious problem. And I think we're playing a lot better as a band. I [also] think you learn how to handle audiences properly and how to take them on a journey throughout the show and pace it right. At Denver's Wells Fargo Theatre, May 12.

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