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Dueces Wild Brewery on the way, misspelling and all


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According to co-owner and vice president of marketing Richard Hysing, the misspelled name of Dueces Wild Brewery (660 Peterson Road, is deliberate.

“Over 70 percent [of the people we interviewed] didn’t know how to spell Deuces,” he says, claiming that nobody else he could find was using that particular misspelling. We’re curious to see whether autocorrect or SEO will hurt them on that front; for now, please send kind thoughts to our copy editor.

Anyway, Hysing, an Air Force veteran, co-owns the brewery with longtime friend and fellow craft beer lover William Gillette. They’re both Air Force veterans who bonded over craft beer back in the day.

“The idea [to start a brewery] popped up 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until two years ago that we decided to get serious about it,” says Hysing. “As of January of last year, that’s when we decided to pull the trigger and do it.”

They’ll be working with brewer Daniel Guzman, who’s a homebrewer of 16 years but lacks any pro brewing experience. Hysing says they hope to land Guzman an apprenticeship between now and their tentative November opening. They hope to offer seven flagship beers on tap: a pale ale, an IPA, a golden ale, a red ale, an amber ale, a porter and a stout. They’ll source other local craft beers to fill the remainder of their planned 12 to 15 taps. They’ve got a 10-barrel brewing system, and they plan to add a 10-gallon pilot system for brewing test batches and seasonal beers.

“We’re disabled-veteran-owned, so we want to focus it more around military, police, fire department,” says Hysing.

Originally, Hysing says he planned to work with local food trucks to keep patrons fed. That changed when he coordinated with a longtime friend who will opening a sandwich shop next door — just a few weeks before the brewery opens, if all goes right.


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