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Dog parks

If you follow leash laws, some sites for free-range fun


Colorado Springs has topped Forbes' Most Pet-Friendly Cities list, with over 10,000 acres of public park space. (As Forbes says, that's "almost a tenth of an acre for every pet.") If you want to get your dog out for some canine fun, there are both fenced and open space off-leash options.

Bear Creek Regional Dog Park (east on 21st Street; south of Highway 24) offers 25-plus fenced acres, with a couple reserved for small dogs. Rampart Park Dog Park (8270 Lexington Drive) offers fenced space just east of the baseball diamond. Palmer Park Dog Park (Academy Boulevard and Maizeland Road) has a fenced-in baseball field, and in the Yucca Flats area, dogs are allowed off-leash. The newest off-leash space for your furry friend is at Red Rock Canyon (Highway 24 and South Ridge Road). There are two loops, one for littles and one for bigs, just south of the main entrance.

No matter your destination, always keep a close eye on your pup, and don't forget to bring a baggie in case nature calls.

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