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Dems in Denver


It could be a momentous few days when the nation's political spotlight shines on Denver for the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25-28.


Danny Cowell
Cimarron Hills

Air Force contractor
Are you going to attend the Democratic National Convention? I looked into seeing [Barack] Obama's acceptance speech, but it looked like such a big hassle that I probably won't.

If you were there, waving a sign, what would yours say? I want to see comprehensive immigration reform, so it'd say something like "We're all immigrants."

Will Hillary Clinton raise some havoc? I think the media has been trying to stir things up and make all that more interesting than it really is.

Who should Obama pick for vice president? It'll never happen, and there's lots of reasons why it probably shouldn't, but I don't think Hillary would be a bad choice.

Will Obama's acceptance speech be a historic occasion or a showbiz moment? It'll be important, the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

What would you change about the election process? Do away with the Electoral College. I'm worried about a repeat of 2000, when [Al] Gore won the popular vote but didn't get elected.


Caitlin Brice
Red Rock Valley

Do you think national political conventions matter in today's world? They're important if you're genuinely interested in issues in order to vote ethically, but not if you think American Idol is more interesting than national politics.

If you attended the DNC, what would your sign say? Something pro-life.

Who should Obama pick for VP? I don't think it should be Hillary. Their styles clash too much.

Will the Hillary camp create some drama? Speaking as a woman, I think estrogen breeds drama.

Who should John McCain tab as VP? Someone who, like him, tries to be bipartisan and speak for all the American people. Not someone from the far right.

Will Obama's acceptance speech be a statesman-like or theatrical event? Sadly, America is so media-driven and interested more in celebrity than in issues that it's necessary for candidates to be a bit of a showman.

What needs to be changed about the election process? We need a better method of vote counting.


Joan Arnold
Village Seven

Loan underwriter
How interested are you in the upcoming DNC? I'm excited that it's in Denver and that change is on the way.

Will you attend it? I didn't think I'd be able to get in, so I made other plans.

Who should Obama name as VP? Joseph Biden would bring a lot of experience and knowledge.

Who do you think McCain should pick as his running mate? Chuck Hagel, one of the few Republican statesmen. I'm from Nebraska and didn't like him originally, but came to admire him over the years.

What should we change about the election process? Do away with television advertising. A sound bite isn't discussion.


Rachel Hess
Old North End

Physicians assistant
Will you attend the DNC? I'll be away on vacation, but I know people who are going to Obama's acceptance speech.

Will the Hillary camp stir things up? I suspect there'll be some controlled, pre-agreed-upon drama, but just to make a point.

Who should be Obama's VP? Bill Richardson. He has international and executive experience, and he's Latino.

Who should McCain's be? Somebody who brings him down.

Will Obama's acceptance speech make history, or will it be theater? A little of both. He's an incredibly gifted speechwriter and orator, so his speech will be remembered and replayed, but he's also a rock star.

What would you change about the election process? Eliminate the caucus system and go completely to primaries.

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