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Democrats still counting convention votes

Party officials not finished determining DNC delegates

Delegate results from the Colorado Democratic State Convention and Assembly were not available by press time Wednesday, but results from the state's seven congressional district conventions showed Sen. Barack Obama keeping the lead he developed at the Feb. 5 caucuses.

As of Wednesday morning, Obama had 23 of the district-level delegates to Sen. Hillary Clinton's 13 delegates. Former Denver Mayor Frederico Pea, an Obama supporter, was also selected Saturday as an add-on superdelegate. Attendees at the state convention voted for 12 more national delegates last Saturday; those results were still being tabulated Wednesday.

Seven more pledged "party leaders and elected officials" were chosen as delegates Saturday. The final 14 slots out of the 70 Colorado will fill at Denver's national convention in August belong to superdelegates: Democratic National Committee members, U.S. representatives, Sen. Ken Salazar, Gov. Bill Ritter and former Gov. Roy Romer. AL

Heimlicher announces run

City Councilman Jerry Heimlicher has confirmed that he will run for re-election in April 2009.

Heimlicher says he wants to finish what he's started by ending the city's water woes and getting final approval for the controversial Southern Delivery System. His other goals include cleaning up South Nevada Avenue, widening U.S. Highway 24, reducing unpaid care at the city-owned Memorial Health System, reducing panhandling and homelessness, and creating more reliable funding for city services through voter-approved measures.

"At the end of my time, I want to look back and say I made a difference," he says.

Heimlicher has served six years on Council. If re-elected to another four-year term, he will be term-limited.

City Councilman Darryl Glenn will also run for re-election, and Bernie Herpin has announced a run for City Councilwoman Margaret Radford's seat. Radford is term-limited and must leave office next year. JAS

Manitou teen headed to DNC

Manitou Springs High School junior Mari Jackson Tanabe will go to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. It's her prize for being one of two "Presidential Winners" in the Democratic National Convention Committee's "Write to Lead" essay contest.

Her essay was picked out of nearly 1,200 student entries from across the state.

The contest challenged Colorado youth to capture the spirit of this election season. Tanabe's essay, "Restless for Change," describes the craving of a nation for a strong and innovative president.

"Issues like global warming, the Iraqi War, the genocide in Africa, health care and immigration give people a reason to participate in government and become passionate," she writes. "Protests, rallies, and petitions are creating energy behind the social injustices in the world, and the enthusiasm to solve these issues creates immense momentum to carry the entire nation."

A Denver eighth-grader, Jared Jolton, will also attend the convention, while all 54 finalists across the state will serve as ambassadors to state and territorial delegations. JAS

City starts skate park

Skater kids have long bumped heads with police and city officials over where they can and cannot enjoy their favorite recreation.

But perhaps the most contentious times are over. Last Friday, the city broke ground on a $1 million present for skaters. The new 40,000-square-foot Memorial Park skate park is being designed by Team Pain, which has built skate parks across the globe. It will feature obstacles for street skaters, bowl skaters, BMX riders and inline skaters, and is expected to be finished this fall.

The city hopes the new park will draw skater tourists, who will boost the local economy and increase sales tax revenues. JAS

Udall, Obama top state poll

U.S. Rep. Mark Udall has a 47-41 percent lead over Republican Bob Schaffer in the race for the U.S. Senate, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll of 500 likely voters in Colorado, the Denver Post reports.

The poll, released Wednesday, also indicated that, in the presidential race, Sen. Barack Obama has a similar 48-42 lead over Sen. John McCain in Colorado. RR

Newsome could face May
A television news story showing district attorney John Newsome drinking more than a gallon of beer and then driving a county-owned vehicle could mean he will have competition in the upcoming primary election.

Dan May, who lost a bruising primary race to Newsome in 2004, announced last week he will try to collect the 1,000 signatures needed to put his name on the Aug. 12 Republican ballot. The deadline is May 29.

May was a prosecutor in the 4th Judicial District for 22 years, and he was Jeanne Smith's choice to head the office when she stepped down as district attorney for El Paso and Teller counties in 2004. After losing the election, he went to work as chief deputy district attorney for Arapahoe, Douglas, Lincoln and Elbert counties.

Newsome has apologized for the behavior shown on TV but has insisted he was not drinking during work hours, since he keeps an irregular schedule. He also said he believes he was able to drive safely. AL

Compiled by Anthony Lane, Ralph Routon and J. Adrian Stanley.

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