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Decadent slays a cake, murders a cookie sandwich


  • Matthew Schniper
Decadent’s business subhead reads “A Coffee and Dessert Bar” — plenty alluring. An employee tells us it’s 6 months old and actually a spinoff from the Smallcakes national chain — and if you didn’t know that, it feels plenty local, bright and stylish. The house-label coffees rate decent for medium-roast notes but are made overly milky (a cappuccino for example arriving basically in a latte portion), tasting more like drive-thru kiosk fare. However, a shot of espresso over house gelato of your choosing for an off-menu affogato rates kick-ass as evidenced by ours over standard vanilla. Also awesome (and not cheap at $7.50): a beautiful slice of lemon berry mascarpone cake, with a thick citrusy icing strip down its middle and lush pockets of dark fruit properly suspended in a dense but plenty-moist cake body. I wish I could say as many nice things about my double chocolate chip cookie sandwich rolled in chocolate chips and stuffed with chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup gelato. ... Yeah, read those words again. How could that fail, right? I expected an epic treat and our party fighting over it (we share cooties for a living). I’m sure these were nice cookies — yesterday. But this evening they were hardened into a crunch-factor so extreme and steak-knife-worthy that gelato squished out of the whole blunt instrument upon an attempted bite, making a cookie sandwich pointless and pretty impossible sans mess down ya’ dress (or whatever you’re wearing). Note, the gelato and rich cacao chips were quite good, but the adamantine cookie, oddly bland at that, made them less than enjoyable. A chocoholic’s worst nightmare on the whole.
Location Details Decadent
13375 Voyager Pkwy., #110,
Colorado Springs, CO

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