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Dan Remus

Owner, Wag 'N' Wash



Dan Remus had a dream -- a dream of a fantasy land where he could be free from the confines of a simulated wood grain desk and swivel chair, fax machines and upper-management bureaucracy. A land where he would be his own boss and bring his dogs to work with him, where he could use his authority to help other canines who may not be quite as spic and span as their people would like them. So last spring, after leaving the corporate world, Remus opened Wag 'N' Wash, a self-service dog washing facility. He ended up with more than just furry wet friends and loyal customers, though. Rumors have been flying that Wag 'N' Wash is also a happening pick-up joint -- a great place for dog owners to meet other people just as passionate about pooches as they are.

Is there really love blossoming between the owners of dirty pups? Nothing serious, that I'm aware of. Sometimes you'll see people here start talking and they'll do the "I'm meeting you for the first time" flirtation type thing, but I haven't heard of any marriages or anything like that yet.

So why are people looking for love in the midst of hairballs? I think it's a good place for people to meet other people with dogs. If you think back to 101 Dalmatians and Pongo and Perdida -- how they meet in the park and they make their owners meet each other -- kind of the same thing here. With dog owners, there's definitely a desire to meet somebody who's OK with being around dogs, or other dog people. And here you have a guarantee of that. You know if you meet someone else here that they're already a dog lover, and besides, I always say who's a better judge of character than your dog?

Wet dog smell can't possibly be a healthy turn-on. Does it stink in there? You know, it doesn't, but that's because I planned ahead of time and installed an air-circulation system to keep fresh air flowing through. We thought of that and tried to eliminate it.

The Roto Rooter man probably began planning his retirement when you guys opened up. Have you had any major hairball dilemmas? Knock on wood, nothing yet. When we built the space, that's something else we planned for. Knowing that there would be a lot of hair running through the plumbing, we put some pretty heavy duty piping in to accommodate for the hair that would be going through. So no problems yet, and I'll keep my fingers crossed to make sure nothing happens.

Would you like Wag 'N' Wash to become a swingin' singles hot spot? I would like to start pursuing that. We've had art openings before because we display dog artwork on our walls, and we had an open house for the artists where we served wine and beer, finger food and hors d'oeuvres. That was a fun night, kind of a singles alternative to going to the bars. I would like to be able to specify an evening as "Singles Night" where you can certainly bring your dogs, because of the whole concept that there's no better person to pick your mate than your dog. Your dogs gotta love 'em first, because if they don't, it just won't work out.

Wag 'N' Wash is located at 1625 W. Uintah St., in the Uintah Station shopping center. Call 457-WASH to find out how to meet your true love, or maybe just how to get your dog washed.

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