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D-Station Restaurant replaces Mikado Asian Bistro


  • Courtesy D-Station Restaurant
The glitzy Northgate eatery owned by Lilly Zhuo, Mikado Asian Bistro, has closed and, effective May 1, been replaced by D-Station Restaurant. It’s still Zhuo’s, but she says a lot of places around town serve the mix of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes that Mikado offered. D-Station offers something unique to the area: all-you-can-eat Chinese hot pot.
“Hot pot is my favorite food,” she says. “I eat hot pot no matter what, if it’s summertime or wintertime.”

Customers order one of a few broths for the table — Zhuo notes a hot and spicy broth, an herbed broth and a pork bone broth as examples — which is served simmering atop a heater. Then they load up a bowl with a mix of 40 ingredients to cook in the hot pot, including meat, seafood and vegetables. Customers then cook their selections in the hot broth; it’s all cut and served to be edible in around a minute of cook time. Zhuo also offers a selection of sauces for dipping.

In addition to hot pots, D-Station specializes in all-you-can-eat sushi, boba tea and Thai rolled ice cream — think ice cream base prepared with toppings on an extremely cold surface, spread thin to freeze quickly, then rolled up into tubes for serving with yet more toppings.

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