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D Station brings Chinese hot pot to the Springs


  • Matthew Schniper
On May 1, D Station replaced Mikado Asian Bistro, opened in the same space in late 2015. Owner Lilly Zhuo told the Indy the reason was because fusion Asian offerings are bountiful, but nobody was yet doing Chinese hot pot ($21.99 per person, all-you-can-eat). We try the clear and herbed broths, both rich and creamy, differing only in the herb version’s “Chinese medicinals” that add a woodsier element. Our server proves helpful, teaching us how to control our cook range’s heat, where to find 40ish ingredients, and how to blend our own sauces at a buffet line. We’re enticed, choosing interesting inputs like taro, lotus root and “edible tree fungus.” We’ve also selected lamb and fatty beef as our central proteins, grabbed fresh seafood items, and blended sauces thick and salty with sesame paste, bbq sauce, oyster sauce, etc. The act of boiling and mixing makes for a fun meal (good date night), even if we feel ham-fisted fishing ingredients from our pots sans a slotted rescue spoon.
Location Details D-Station Restaurant
13141 Bass Pro Drive
Colorado Springs, CO

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