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Cyclist: Our new bike infrastructure makes no sense




Let us call the new bike lanes on Cascade Avenue what they really are: perplexing and unnecessary. As a lifelong Colorado Springs cyclist, I should naturally be in favor of all bike infrastructure projects and improvements, but the new lanes on Cascade Avenue make zero sense. Why take what is typically a bustling four-lane road and converge it down into two? Especially when the Pikes Peak Greenway/Monument Valley Park trail (which has zero vehicular traffic) is just one block over? What we are now left with is a "new" Cascade Avenue that resembles something similar to a funeral procession, making it even more of a hassle to cross. Infrastructure projects like this need to be studied, and well thought out, not someone's pet project. A simple request for our dear city leaders: Focus on making east-west travel easier, not the opposite.

— Tom McCord

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