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Cubano Hidalgo

Urban Steam

  • Matthew Schniper

Cubano Hidalgo


1 tsp. honey

dash cayenne pepper

2 oz. espresso

2 oz. steamed milk or milk substitute (coconut cream is pretty awesome)

pinch of sea salt or dash of cinnamon (optional garnish)


Add honey to the bottom of a 4- or 5-ounce glass, with a cayenne dash on top. Pull a 2-ounce shot on your home espresso machine and pour over the spicy honey, and stir. Steam your milk and attempt latte art or just pour over the espresso. Garnish with salt or cinnamon, if you prefer.

If you don't have a machine, make a strong batch of drip or French-press coffee and warm your milk on the stove, essentially making a café au lait and increasing the honey and cayenne portions accordingly.


We are constantly playing with coffee and espresso here at Urban Steam, and we love it when our customers challenge our baristas to come up with something fun or exotic. One of our top baristas crafted this drink at a customer request to make a "Mexican-styled spicy drink." It used to just be by request, for those who knew about it, but we've just added it to our new menu. It works best as a cortado-portioned drink with a double shot of espresso, but you can get the same flavor profile at home by making the café au lait with honey and cayenne. The salt and/or cinnamon add a little complexity, if you so desire.

— Submitted by owner Kelly Bubach

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