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Crosby, Stills & Nash

Sixty seconds with Graham Nash


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Indy: You and your bandmates started working on a covers album with Rick Rubin. How's that going for you?

GN: My life is fine right now because David [Crosby]'s not barking at Stephen [Stills] and Stephen's not barking at David. I think we're getting along better than we ever did.

Indy: You're also compiling a boxed set for Stills, an album from the 1974 stadium tour, another from your last solo tour, a live acoustic album from your 1993 tour with Crosby, and a benefit compilation album of collaborations. How do you do this and keep up with everything else?

GN: It's about using another muscle and letting the other muscles relax. I'm working on eight songs right now and they're coming off the conveyor belt of my mind one at a time. I'm just utilizing a different creative muscle. When I'm painting, sculpting and starting Nash Editions and doing non-musical stuff, it really helps when you let the songwriting muscle relax for a couple of weeks.

Indy: You've never been one to shy away from politics. What do you think of Obama so far?

GN: We handed him a bucket of shit and we're expecting him to make biscuits. Then you go, OK, what is the most important thing facing the American people: safety, what other people think of us, resumption of our civil rights and reconstituting of our Constitution. I'm very glad that this man can speak in sentences, has a heart and can listen to people, can be steadfast in his approach.

— Jason Notte

At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Sept. 1.


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