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Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.O. Box 1034

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

July 16, 2004

World Umpires Association

P.O. Box 394

Neenah, WI 54957

Dear World Umpires Association:

For some rather boring reasons, I won't be able to attend any baseball games this year.

Since I wouldn't want to miss yelling at your members, I thought I'd try to cram a seasons' worth in one letter.

Yelling as follows:

Hey Ump! Tell your wife she needs to update her Web site!

Hey Ump! Laser corrective surgery's a lot easier than having your ass kicked!

Hey Ump! Hey Ump! Hey Ump! Hey Ump! Hey Ump! (Repeat six innings)

Ump: What????


3 hours, hissing.

2 hours, booing.

4 hours, catcalls (assorted).

Wow. That was cathartic!

Please disperse this among your membership with an emphasis on plate umpires.


Kenneth H. Cleaver

P.S. Please confirm receipt of this directive.

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