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Look at me, Im Mick Jagger!
  • Look at me, Im Mick Jagger!

Call Jeff Beck the guitarist who cried wolf (or, in his case, cried, Im retiring!) too many times. Over 40-odd years, the legendary ax man has called it quits no fewer than three times, which only goes to show that you cant keep a good guitarist down.

Becks name became known when he took over lead guitarist duties for Eric Clapton in the seminal 1960s garage band, The Yardbirds. At the height of The Yardbirds success, in 1966, Beck quit and said hed be retiring. He ended up starting the Jeff Beck Group in 1967, with some blonde guy named Rod Stewart.

After that guy ditched the band for who-knows-what, Beck was left to his own devices. He recorded and toured with various artists, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, and put out his own string of hit albums. By the early 90s, he had retired twice more.

Unlike his fellow ex-Yardbirds, Clapton and Jimmy Page, Beck didnt seek cock-rock stardom as much as he did guitar-god immortality. Though he hasnt had a new album in three years, since 2003 year of Live at B.B. Kings Blues Club and the simply titled, but damn eclectic, Jeff Mr. Beck still rips the riffs. Hard rock, mullet rock, blues, fusion jazz, electronica he does it all, as evidenced by hip-hop-inspired tracks like Pork-U-Pine and Pay me no Mind. Catch Becks performance now, before he retires again.

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