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ColoradoCare, Donald Trump, Palmer Park improvements, and more



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The real killer

Our health care system is huge, complex, poorly understood and broken. But that system is actually two different components that we treat as one.

One, our health care delivery system is probably the finest in the world. The training and professionalism of our providers is the envy of most other nations. Technology in our clinics and hospitals is the best. And the innovation in America is among the best on earth.

Two is the financing system, a sluggish, bureaucratic, wasteful behemoth focused on extracting ever larger profits from those who can pay, and essentially ignoring those who can't. It uses our money and an army of lobbyists to protect itself from real competition or regulation.

How can our nation, capable of such greatness in medicine, tolerate such ineptitude in making that expertise available to all? This shortcoming is not befitting a great democracy.

Health care coverage now haunts every major life decision. Health care should be available to every citizen, all the time, at an affordable cost.

Coloradans behind Amendment 69 have studied the problems and available solutions. They concluded that incremental changes, such as Obamacare, will never fix the main problems. We have to remove the profit motive from this equation, and that requires a big change.

Health care coverage is more like fire protection, police protection or public schools. Our choice in November is not between ColoradoCare and some ideal solution. It's between ColoradoCare and the current system that is killing us.

Universal health care will be the next step forward for our democracy. Colorado can be the leader in this by showing other states how to do it successfully.

— Dave Beckwith


Park improvements

The Guardians of Palmer Park offer their deepest gratitude to the voters of Colorado Springs for approving additional funding last fall, for repaving three city park roads and numerous bicycling and walking trails. We also thank the Parks and Recreation Department, Trails and Open Space Coalition and City Council for supporting the parks improvement proposal.

The main roads through Palmer Park and out to the Grand Overlook have been beautifully repaved. Our kudos to the paving contractor and the supervising park ranger too!

Many other improvements have been made with the guidance and help of the volunteers from the Guardians of Palmer Park and many groups and individuals. Tons of trash and dog waste have been removed, miles of trails have been rebuilt and improved, rogue trails closed and revegetated, erosion areas closed and revegetated, picnic tables sanded and repainted, graffiti removed from rocks and structures, vegetation thinned and the urban youth camp improved.

GOPP is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, tax-deductible organization established in 2009. We encourage residents to visit Palmer Park and come volunteer with us. Contact us at: Our website is

— John Edward Hawk


Guardians of Palmer Park

Trump comparisons

That globe-wide retching sound you hear comes from Brits and Yanks vomiting at Jerry Falwell Jr.'s characterization of Trump as Churchillian. Orwellian, perhaps? Rasputin-esque? Ponzillian? Kafkaesque? Reptilian? Take your pick.

— John Birkhead

Colorado Springs

Campaign insider

I got to thinking what the past year would have been like if Hillary Clinton had used the same sleazy, nasty, insulting and reckless language in her campaign as Donald Trump has.

The scene: Hillary Situation Room.

Hillary: "What is Pretentious Putz Trump doing today?"

Aide: "Sneering Sleaze Trump is making a speech this afternoon to that gun lobby group, Tommy-Guns for All."

H: "I love the name the Women's Auxiliary goes by, Grenade Gals."

Aide: "I thought they called themselves Bazooka Babes."

H; "Nope, it's Grenade Gals. And you know, Braying Bully Trump founded the KKK. I mean it, he didn't just set the conditions for the KKK, he founded it! Unless I'm being sarcastic. Some people don't get sarcasm."

Aide: "Prancing Punk Trump is so weak ... no stamina. It took a half-dozen firefighters to pry him through the hatch in the roof of a Colorado Springs elevator he got himself stuck in. I wish I could have seen that!"

Aide: "Hold everything! This just in: Supercilious Snot Trump just replaced his campaign manager — again — and she gave him the worst possible advice."

H: "What?"

Aide: "Be yourself."

— Larimore Nicholl

Colorado Springs

Time to think Green

The so-called "free trade" philosophy embedded in the Trans-Pacific Partnership is really a linchpin in the policy of large corporations to move jobs overseas in order to escape the costs of environmental protection and union-protected labor wages and working conditions.

NAFTA was claimed to protect labor and the environment. They were toothless clauses that were unenforced. Beware those who wave the "Free Trade/Free Markets" flag. Adam Smith warned against the flaw in the invisible hand — greed on the part of capital-owning corporations (the suits) leading to collusion to control the markets to their advantage.

Only the Green Party has stood consistently and adamantly opposed to these trade agreements, ones negotiated in secret by those seeking to return the world to a 19th-century state of unbridled, unregulated capitalism, awash in child labor, wage slavery, poisoned products, employing national armies to ensure private access to resources and markets that characterized the early Industrial Revolution and which crashed in flames in the 1920s.

Ever since, the 1 percent has worked to overthrow the corrections of the New Deal and the civil rights and environmental movements. Only if the Green Party candidates are admitted to electoral debates will TPP and other critical issues facing the U.S. and the world be examined intelligently and truthfully.

Hear them out! Arn Menconi for Senate. Stein and Baraka for president. Voters need to know they have another choice.

— Bob Kinsey

Colorado Springs

Down the tubes

After living through many elections, I am disheartened to see what is going on in this country. Anyone from elsewhere would look at the rhetoric and actions of the Republican nominee and come to the conclusion that America has gone mad.

The idea that a person of so little class, knowledge, tact, willpower and decency is a candidate for president should be humiliating to anyone with half a brain.

I only hope the people supporting this despicable candidate will come to their senses. His being elected would be a disaster for this country and would cause America to become a laughingstock.

— Sally Alberts


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