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Summer Guide 2015: Welcome



According to the Internet, there exist thousands, if not millions, of things you can do to feel like a kid again. They include:

• finding and eating a "truly outrageous" Jem birthday cake;

• watching sturgeon spawn;

• learning how to make things out of special clay that conducts electricity;

• playing Bloodborne, the epic video game "where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner";

• avoiding laundry;

• and showing up at your old summer camp to ask anyone if they remember you.

Childhood represents many different things to many different people. And we're not here to judge, though to Dan Abromowitz, the guy at someecards.com who pushed for seeing "how far up your leg you can fit your childhood bathing suit" ... well, we'll just say good day to you, sir.

What we are here to do, is to share just how easy it can be to find excitement and wonder — the kind of feelings you experience so often as a kid, and too rarely as an adult — in the Pikes Peak region. In our 2015 Summer Guide, we go into the backcountry and into movie theaters, into bingo halls and escape rooms and beyond, on sensory-seeking missions.

We hope you'll come along with us. As adults, we know there are few guarantees in this life, but we're fairly certain that in one of these recommendations you'll tap into something more deep and pure than, say, a Hoopnotica workout. Sorry, Internet.

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