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Colorado man sues Idaho police, vape lounge celebrates one year, Pot for Potholes pokes city, and more.




An Easy year

In its year of existence, Speak Easy Vape Lounge (2508 E. Bijou St., has added considerably to both the Springs' music and marijuana scenes. To celebrate its first birthday, Speak Easy will host rappers like Che Bong and Stoney Bertz at 8 p.m., Saturday, April 5. Also find edibles, dabs, food and drink and more. Tickets are $7 at the door.

Also check out Speak Easy's Closet Growers Cup, "dedicate[d] to the private grower." It runs from May 23 to May 25; see for more.

Profilin' patrol

Denver media are reporting that Darien Roseen, a retired real-estate vice-president and Colorado resident, is suing law enforcement in Payette County, Idaho, over a traffic stop that the plaintiff alleges occurred only because of his Colorado license plates. Here's the Denver Post: "The trooper rejected Roseen's reason for getting off the highway — that he had to use the bathroom — and insisted that Roseen was attempting to avoid the state police. Klitch then asked Roseen why his eyes appeared glassy and accused Roseen of transporting something 'that he should not have in his vehicle,' the complaint said."

A blog entry from the Washington Post commented that Roseen's situation is "just a new wrinkle in an old problem. The drug war has eviscerated the Fourth Amendment."

Keef crumbs

• Alert: "The State of Colorado has asked the University of Colorado Boulder to conduct a study of cannabis use in Colorado in order to quantify the amount consumed in its various forms." Survey takers at will be asked to quantify their use through a variety of measurements — grams, bong bowls, joints — and responses are confidential.

• A March 12 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that respondents, when asked for their thoughts on the harmfulness of four substances, listed marijuana as the least harmful. Tobacco was first, with 49 percent, then alcohol (24 percent), sugar (15 percent) and, finally, weed (8 percent).

5280 recently ranked the Amendment 64-writing marijuana advocates at Denver law firm Vicente Sederberg LLC as the ninth-most-influential people in that city.

• On March 27, the Greeley Tribune reported that the Colorado Department of Agriculture has green-lighted 21 applications to grow hemp. "The U.S. is the world's No. 1 importer of hemp, and Colorado hemp enthusiasts — including farmers young and old from across the state — see economic opportunity in being the first ones in the nation allowed to grow it," the newspaper says.

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