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Cold Tofu Appetizer

Cold Tofu Appetizer - BRIENNE BOORTZ
  • Brienne Boortz
  • Cold Tofu Appetizer


1 block tofu

2 tbsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. grated ginger

chopped green onions, for garnish

bonito flakes


Cut the tofu into 1½-inch cubes. Pour the soy sauce over it, diluting with water or using a low-sodium soy sauce if needed. Mix in the ginger and garnish with the green onion, and bonito flakes, unless you want it to remain a vegetarian dish. Serves 4.


As you can see, this is a painfully easy appetizer to make; it should take you about 2 minutes. That's partially why I like it: It's so easy to make, and healthy, too. I ate this as a kid, especially in the summertime because it's a nice, cool dish. We also serve it at my restaurants, for vegetarian customers.

— Submitted by Jun Japanese Restaurant chef/owner Jun Aizu

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