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Indy: I've read that you used to be terrified about performing live. Is that really true?

CC: When I was young, I wasn't completely chubby, but I was definitely, like, thicker. It made me shy, like, being uncomfortable in my own skin, and that really just stayed with me all through high school, through everything, and made me more like a shy person. And that's really where it started from. When you're young, you look at everything about yourself and you're confused.

Indy: You sound like you are much more comfortable on stage these days. How did you get over the stage fright issue?

CC: I just remember telling myself, I can't feel sorry for myself anymore. I just turned 24. Get over it. Everyone has fears and insecurities in life, and you just have to work on things every day to break through them ... I learned how to have fun with things and not take myself too seriously. And the last tour I went on in Europe, I didn't want to come home. I had so much fun.

Indy: "Fallin' for You," one of the hit songs from Breakthrough, is about your current relationship. You also have a breakup song in "Fearless," although it's sung from the perspective of the person who was dumped. What inspired that latter song?

CC: I know a lot of my friends, when they go through breakups, they feel like it's the end of the world and they're not gonna find anyone else. I look at a breakup as, it's just one chapter in your life. And you learn from that person and they learn from you. And you take notes on that and you know more about yourself and what kind of person you want in the future. And that's the kind of message I wanted to send with "Fearless."

At Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Aug. 31.

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