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According to the latest polls, Congress has a 7 percent approval rating with American voters. Another midterm election is in the works for November. This may not be a pretty election season, folks.


Father Anthony Karbo of Palmer Park is an Orthodox priest

What do the words "election season" bring to mind? Yard signs.

Rate your level of interest in the November midterm elections. Very low. I have little confidence in the whole process.

If you could rid us of either political yard signs or campaign TV ads, which would it be? Lawn signs. They crop up like mushrooms and weeds, and they're so unsightly.

What's the biggest problem with the American political process? The focus tends to stay on ideology instead of on solving real problems.

What would it take to make you run for political office? I'd have to quit my job. As a priest, I'm not allowed to run for office.


Jarret Weaver of Security works at the Air Force Academy

What reaction do the words "election season" prompt in you? I'm about to get a lot of political phone calls.

Rate your interest in the mid-term elections. Six on a scale of one to 10. It just doesn't matter all that much who gets elected.

Which would you prefer being rid of: campaign yard signs or political TV ads? The TV ads. You see the yard sign and keep going, but with TV ads you have to sit through candidates bashing each other and saying the same things over and over.

Identify the biggest problem with the American political process. Candidates are in it to bash the other party, not to serve real-life, average people.

What would your priority be if you ran for political office? Putting more money into things like recreation and education. Also, lowering taxes for working people.


Brenda Cary of Palmer Park is a mail distributor at T. Rowe Price

How interested are you in mid-term elections? On a scale of one to 10, maybe five. I follow presidential elections much more closely.

Would you rather be rid of political yard signs or campaign TV ads? The TV ads. It's sooooo annoying to hear everyone biting each other's throat.

Identify the best thing about the American political process. Freedom to vote.

What's worst about it? The lack of basic fairness and civility.

What would it take to make you run for office? A call from God.

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