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Closet Witch plot Triple Nickel possession


  • Rick Beaulieu
Independent researchers have determined that it’s impossible to make out a single syllable that Closet Witch frontwoman Mollie Piatetsky sings. Which is actually pretty ironic, given the fact that her Trump-era lyrics are a cut above most: “I’ll build you a wall / Out of your ignorance / Out of your hate / And we can burn it all the way damn down.” Granted, a good banshee wail isn’t entirely hard to come by — listen to fellow East Iowan Sarah Welter’s “Drone Named Beyonce” for similarly white-noise-inflected howling — but Piatetsky takes it a step further by making each syllable nearly indistinguishable from the next. Combine that with her manic-expressive stage presence, and arrangements that guitarist Alex Crist describes as ‘blasty and mathy,” and you’ve got all the makings of a swell evening. Bring earplugs, and lyrics sheets, if you have them.

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