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City won't fine candidates for tardy campaign forms


When it comes to filing campaign financial forms, some candidates are better than others, as records show from the April 2007 city election.

Tony Carpenter, an unsuccessful candidate for mayor, was 20 days late. City Councilman Tom Gallagher, who won re-election, was even later about two and a half months.

According to a warning on some of the forms, "a penalty of $50 per day shall be imposed for each day that a report is filed late."

City Clerk Kathryn Young said this week that the fine hasn't been imposed on any candidate in many years. She added that she makes sure reports are filed within a few days of the deadline during the campaign season, though a little tardiness is common.

Young said she has been more lenient for the final report, because it's filed after the election and voters don't need the information as urgently.

She initially was unsure whether she would impose the fine on Gallagher. First, she said she wouldn't. Then she changed her mind Tuesday and said she'd charge a fee for the 60 days that passed after Gallagher got a formal notification warning of fines.

Later the same day, Young consulted City Attorney Patricia Kelly, who said Young was not legally obligated to impose the fine.

So Young said that because she was satisfied with Gallagher's eventual filing, she would not hit him up for the $3,000.

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