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City settles another ADA lawsuit



The City of Colorado Springs has settled a class action lawsuit by committing to installing over 15,000 accessible curb ramps throughout the city in the next 14 years, the plaintiffs, Paul Spotts and Sharon King, stated in a news release.

Curb ramps provide people with mobility impairments a safe way to get on and off sidewalks as they travel through the pedestrian right of way.

"Federal and state disability access laws were enacted decades ago to provide persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to fully participate in civic life," said plaintiffs' counsel and co-founder of the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center Tim Fox. "Today, we stand together with the City of Colorado Springs to fulfill the promise of those laws."

The city also settled an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit last September, brought by Christopher and Nikole Sweeney, by paying $19,000.

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